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When I first started this my Living Graciously blog in December of 2009, the focus was going to be on changing my life and my body far more than on things like cooking. I abandoned the blog as I abandoned that project, and it sat idle for a very long time. As did I.

I got back into blogging there about the same time that I started working out and eating in a more healthful manner, but I decided then that I didn't want to let this become a place where I obsessed about my exercise and fitness, so I've avoided those topics for a couple reasons. First of all, I've been down the "shaping up" path before and eventually lost the battle, and that's a boring thing to write about. Secondly, because I think there is too much emphasis on having the perfect body and I don't endorse the kind of crazy behaviors that such an emphasis tends to encourage.

But I can't escape that these changes have become a part of me, particularly when I am doing something like training for Pedal to the Point. It's been such a focus for me that it's kind of shut down my blog writing, because I didn't feel like I could write honestly while avoiding those topics.

So I'm outing myself. I confess that I exercise regularly these days, and that it has helped me to get in better shape. I also continue to eat rich, tasty foods, eschew all forms of "lite" foods, use butter, eggs, and sour cream, eat meat, and have still lost weight. I will probably be writing a lot more about that part of my journey going forward.

In the meantime, training for Pedal to the Point continues. Yesterday I rode 41 miles. You go a long way in 41 miles! The ride out is the worst, really: every turn of the pedal takes you further from home. When we got to the 10-mile mark--a usually turnaround spot for me, part of my mind really thought we were halfway there. But no, instead of heading downhill on the bike trail, I turned upstream. The second 10 miles started okay, but halfway through that I was flagging a bit. By the time I reached twenty, I was only pedaling about 10 miles an hour and thinking, "Man, this is going to be a LONG ride home."

Then I found myself racing along at 16mph. Turns out I'd been going uphill all this time! That was a welcome relief. In all, it took me three and a half hours to bike the distance.

I'm not biking today. I think I've earned a day off. But I'm still looking for more donations for that lighter, faster bike! Please consider sponsoring me for Pedal to the Point during this week when the bike prize is available. Thanks!
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