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Took the car to the shop yesterday, expecting many worst-case scenarios. Instead, it appears that a couple of computer sensors had burnt out (to the tune of a mere $400 *sputter*). Then I recalled replacing a sensor in the fall that sounded remarkably similar. Called them back, sure enough it was the same one and still under warranty.

The bad news is that they couldn't solve the no-light-when-you-open-the-door-and-no-idiot-bell-when-you-leave-the-lights-on problem without tearing the whole door panel apart, and I'm not willing to pay for that, so I don't know how much their fruitless efforts are going to cost me - at least two hours of labor, I'm sure. But it appears that my car will continue running, and that is a Very Good Thing.
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My car is sick. Rough starting, a desire to die. Blue smoke and the smell of gasoline while warming up. Gas mileage has gone through the floor. And it's getting worse. It dies on the first start and then has to crank and crank to catch for the second. Oh, and some growing electrical issue - the light no longer comes on when you open the doors (no, it's not burnt out) and the warning bell (you've left your lights on/keys in the ignition) doesn't sound anymore.

If there's anyone who doesn't need car trouble right now, it's me. I'm terrified that it's a cracked head gasket or some other horrifyingly expensive item, but more than that, I'm terrified that I'm going to be stuck without a vehicle. It's 12 years old, but it's my means of transportation and with my schedule being without it would be diastrous. I don't even really have time for it to go to the shop. But must make time, because it is definitely getting worse and one of these days it's going to strand me somewhere - and with my luck it'll be during finals.

It's just one damned thing after another....
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Yesterday was a way bad juju. I could not get my sewing machine to work, meaning no skirt for today, Ferrett and Amy managed to leave Erin's snowboarding bag in the airport in detroit (only about $1500 worth of gear), and trying to work out the logistics of today was making me want to tear out my hair.

Today I called the airline and they agreed not only to ship the snowboard bag here but to deliver it to my door, Jeff was able to figure out his kilt alone, saving me one trip today, and a second stab at the sewing machine led to its repair and the skirt being made.

Good juju day. I hope it bodes well for the wedding.

Car update

Dec. 20th, 2002 01:03 pm
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There is definitely antifreeze on the floor of the garage. I can pray for a cracked hose on the underside, but there is a risk that we're talking radiator leak.

It's sitting in my garage, awaiting a paycheck before repairs can by undertaken. Jeff has gallantly offered his services as rescuer, chauffeur and all around Knight-in-Shining-Armor.

It's time that transporter technology got perfected, dammit!
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So the car is has a coolant fluid leak (hopefully a hose) and I am without transportation until Ferrett returns (thank you, Jeff, for your offer to taxi me around). I have no Christmas stuff, I have no time to shop.

But when I came home and started doing laundry Erin came downstairs. I picked up a frisbee that was lying on my sewing table and flicked it to her, in fun. She caught it and spun it back to me, and we ended up playing Frisbee in the basement and talking.

To be totally cliche?



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