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Regretfully, I am too 'net lame to have an website and therefore cannot post the pictures. I will leave that to theferrett to provide when he has the time. The party did not rise to the level of "exciting." We played some games, had a costume contest(won by the one-year-old daughter of one of the participants who a pefect "Boo" from Monsters, Inc.--I'm sure she would have been equally adorable in the Boo Monster costume her mother had made, but Caroline was having nothing to do with that thing--and a woman in a squirrel costume carrying around a "will work for acorns" sign). We had a WarpedCorps monthly meeting. Most WarpedCorps monthly meetings consist largely of determining where and when to have the next WarpedCorps monthly meeting. That and announcing when the next flurry of scifi and fantasy films are coming out and voting - once again - to go as a group, generally at a location and time impossible for us to attend, but hey, we're newbies so we try to respect that there are traditions. Then we visited and played some games and I tried to breathe in the bustier and finally changed into a t-shirt generously offered by one of the other warpies there.

The whole thing was held at the rec room of the apartment complex in which some of the members live. It was held there as a compromise. Our friends Kat and Eric had offered to host at their lovely home, and Kat was going to make a punch that had some alcohol in it, a special "Halloween Spirit." Since the charter of the group says no alcohol at group events, we were going to get around this by setting the time of the meeting early and calling the rest of the evening Kat and Eric's Halloween party.

One member threw a fit. She didn't like being around alcohol, wouldn't come if we had alcohol, and thought it was unfair to put any outside guests who might be invited into a situation where they might be made uncomfortable by alcohol. She was adamant, angry and insulting, and the ensuing argument led not only to the party not having alcohol, but also to it not being at Kat and Eric's. Freed from the social host duties, they went to Disneyworld.

Next, a balloon sculptor in the group decided to make a giant Frankenstein with which to decorate the room. Our alcohol-hating friend panicked. She has a terrible balloon phobia. The popping of balloons terrifies her and she couldn't relax and have a good time knowing that at any minute one could pop. It would be just too much of a strain.

The balloons were scratched. But in a quiet, non-popping sort of way. No other decorative balloons were used to liven up the space. Everything was done to accomodate this woman.

She didn't show up.

To say that a few people were pissed would be to understate generously. The woman has a history of strange power trips, and the one time I have spent an evening in her presence I was reminded of the wicked princess who ends up having hoptoads and lizards spill from her lips every time she speaks. Every word she spoke was venomous. (Then she wanted to tell my fortune. I so don't think so.)

So the next time plans are begun to which she objects, I am going to suggest that she shut the fuck up. I don't think people will hold it against me.
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Got a call from the Cleveland Opera Society last night regarding next year's season. Th guy starts out with, "I see that you attended La Cerentola when it was here. What did you think?"

Me: "It was...all right."

Guy, with condescension in his voice: "Ah. You must be used to the Disney version?"

Rather lengthy pause.

Me, in chilly tones: "Uh, no. I know the opera quite well. I thought the tenor was a little off and the soprano mediocre. But it's not the Met, so I was being kind."

He went on to try and sell me season tickets, but had been so successfully off-putting at the beginning that I was really having trouble listening to his pitch. And next year is another season of relatively light fare, though they are doing Rigoletto this spring. I was hoping for a little more meat to my opera season now that we're in Cleveland.


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