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The face of the earth and I have not been close companions lately, to judge by the amount of time that has passed since last I scribbled here. Life has been very busy, mostly in a positive way, but busy nonetheless. I am finally finding friends and have enough social activities to have what feels like a full and happy life--and law school starts in two weeks, which means four years of cramming my life into a shoebox of time. I will still be working 50 hours a week, in addition to classes. But I know other people who have managed, so I am trying to keep my spirits up.

Tomorrow night I participate in my first group wiccan ritual. I have found two other women who are vastly more experienced than I but who were both suffering from the "There are no groups in Cleveland!!!" syndrome, and I have managed to put the three of us together. I'm very excited about it. We had dinner together Thursday night to hammer on the details. Even though I ended up staying up WAY too late, Friday was the first day I have felt refreshed i a long time.

We went to Connecticut while Amy was here for a family wedding and I got to go into NYC for the very first time. We took Amy to the Cloisters Museum, where the unicorn tapestries hang. I thought, "oh this will be cool." When I saw them, my skin tingled. Being in the presence of the tapestries was much closer to a religious experience than beig in the presence of the assorted statuary and relics there--that was nice, and the architctural spaces were wonderful, but the tapestries...

Of course, I had the joy of having a 10-year-old's perspective on them as well: "Why are they killing the unicorn? That's sick! I hate it in here, Mom, let's go somewhere else." Trying to explain the medeival point-of-view was pointless.
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Man, I haven't wandered by here in a while. Much has happened in life, most of it good, but I can't recapture, only summarize.

Amy is here, and I wish I could keep her here permanently. Law school and fulltime work is gonna make it too hard to raise a 5th grader, though, so for this school year she is back with dad.

We've finally gotten a good group of friends and I think I'm moving toward being in at least a loosely-organized coven, which should be very good.

Law school is looming, and I am starting to freak a bit--I'm getting a LIFE, now, do I really want to not have one for the next four years? But I know that in the end I will be sad if I don't do it, so I'm buckling down.

I have enough work that *I* need an assistant, and it's not promising to get any easier.

Enough of this for now. I'm enjoying a long holiday weekend, mildly drunk do not want to go to bed but don't know what else to do, and just generally restless.



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