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Okay, got through test number one, and think I at least didn't embarrass myself. I remembered to state the law, cite the rules, etc., for every question to which that applied. Got off to a bad start, writing three lines of justification for why the first question in the "True/False and explain why" short answer section was True, before realizing that I had it all wrong (Rule 20, you fool, not Rule 18!), but I was armed with an erasable pen and made quick work of hiding the evidence of my stumble in the blocks. Had the experience of one question for which I had no notes, no clue, but the vague feeling that I had been to that lecture sometime in the pain-killer-fogged past (I confirmed later that I had indeed taken notes on the topic - in the wrong section of my notebook), and I almost convinced myself to skip the question and come back to it, but I did the old, start answering the question by writing down the question (The reason why a plaintiff would cite 11(b)(3) in a complaint is...) and the answer bubbled forth in my head, so that worked. Managed to make the required three-page essay out of a question that could have been answered in one sentence, and fought to keep the "Rule 11 is our friend" Dr. Science tone out of the "pick three rules and discuss why they are important for fair litigation" question (THAT 3-page essay turned out to be a full Blue Book as I had enough to say for 3 pages for each of them).

Haven't had any of the "Oh, crap, that should have been..." moments, so I either did well or had no idea WTF I was doing. In either event, that one is behind me, and I am starting to get a grasp of Contracts. If the world can just avoid bitchslapping me any further, I might get through this with sanity salvageable.
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Omigawd, what a nonstop day. And now I have to go to my CivPro final. I am so not looking forward to this. I’m starting to get really nervous.

I feel like such a little kid, telling the attorneys that I can’t stay late tonight because I have finals. Fortunately all have been totally understanding and good about it. There isn’t a day off to be spared in this, but at least there isn’t grumbling about me leaving on time.

I just have to focus on the fact that in five hours it will be over – and not on the fact that right now I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned this semester.

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It’s self-centered, it’s selfish, it lacks empathy and caring.

It’s also inevitable, I think.

We had the staff meeting first thing this morning. The marching orders are very clear: it’s gonna be busy, and everyone is expected to pull their share of the load and some. Overtime is inevitable. Clear the decks, cancel appointments. The shit is rolling downhill, and we’re at the bottom.

So much for my cunning plan of taking tomorrow off so I could get ready for Contracts.

I wouldn’t be worried if it was an open-book test, but it’s not. And there are lots of lists of elements to memorize. And I haven’t nailed any of them. I had a plan. I had a plan.

I guess we get to see if I can still pull off the dreaded “All-nighter” three days in a row. If I start tonight after my CivPro final tonight, work until 1, sleep until 4, work until 7, then do the same tomorrow night and Wednesday morning, maybe I can jam enough of this into my head to not completely fail Contracts. I will sleep Wednesday night, because the worst is going in brain-starved.

Damn, I wish I had my Torts and Contracts finals were reversed—Torts allows a 10-page outline so I’m ready for it. I really need that last bit of time, that last full day of concentration.

Not gonna get it. Gotta deal….

I don’t even want to contemplate the worst possibility: being told I have to stay late on a night when I have a final. I hope I can avoid that conflict.

(And no Physical Therapy this week. Now that I finally feel like I’m making real progress. Had to cancel.)
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My life has become the final run down the trench on the Death Star. I have one goal: getting through the end of the semester, after which I can celebrate the simple victory of just fucking surviving. Laser fire is coming at me from all directions, though--work, bills to pay, taxes to do, a wayward daughter, dealing with pain, trying to keep my personal relationships from imploding. The impending arrival of Darth Ex on my tail. The main task would be relatively easy if it weren't for all the other hazards surrounding me.

I've been in this trench for an awful long distance now. The exhaust port is coming up, but the firefight isn't diminishing.

Stay on target. Stay on target....
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Okay, it’s done. I’ve registered for school in the fall, and not registered for any classes this summer. I had a moment of trepidation and went to Christa for reassurance that I was doing the right thing, but the reality is that by the time I was eligible to register Civil Procedure II was already full, and I wasn’t about to take Constitutional Law without it, because it doesn’t start until 7:30 – talk about totally messing up a schedule. I am all set for the fall, and even avoided the impulse to sign up for a fifth class on Saturday morning to help make up the hours.

Other than a few moments of trepidation right around scheduling, I’m happy with it. I know I would be miserable already, anticipating only a week off before having to start up again. This is going to qualify as a Very Good Thing.
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I've made a command decision: no school this summer. I need the time off, I need to feel human, I need to sleep. The job thing has me panicky, the transition is one more stress, I need to be at my best for that and I won't be if I'm trying to do school.

I need to get well. Spend time gardening and biking and reading and writing and living.

The over-achiever in me is panicking a bit - I'll be behind everybody, I won't get to do fun classes until spring. Etc. I am ignoring it. I can't live like that.

I am happy with this decision, but for that voice. It's a relief. Because the continual grind just isn't gonna be liveable. I have to pace myself if I'm going to get through this.
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I made the Dean's List! I just got my first (I hope of many) Dean's List certificates!
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Okay, here is one lawschool course I am DEFINITELY taking:

4. Following is a description of Law in Literature & Film, L569/1,
#5144, MW, 2:45-4:00 p.m., with Professor Inniss. The course will
satisfy the perspective requirement.

Law in Literature and Film.-- A NEW COURSE

The class covers a variety of topics in legal literature and film. We
will look at examples of law in both literature and film in order to
consider a number of questions about the relationship between law and
justice, the creation of rule regimes, and the role of courts and trials
in a social system. Other issues which may arise in the course of these
discussions are race/class/gender and the law, legal ethics, legal
education, the adversarial system, the relationship between law and
popular culture.

Course Outline

I. Course Introduction
-- Jurisprudence and the Role of Law in Literature and Film

II. Law as Literature
A. Introduction
1. Composition and Rhetoric in Law
B. The Relationship Between Principles of Statutory Analysis and
Reading Law as Literature
C. U.S. Constitution--selected sections
D. Telling Stories: textual analysis of selected cases

III. The Performative Nature of Legal Literature and Film
A. Introduction
B. Trials in Literature
C. Trials in Film

IV. Simile, Metaphor and Symbol
A. The "Law" of Magic--Literary and Film Magic as Rules Regimes
B. Law and Science Fiction
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From now on, we night students need to take four classes a semster in order to finish on time. 12 credit hours - or more.

Since when is 12 credit hours "part time"?
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First year law students were subjected to a mandatory (as in they took attendance) advising session last night, in anticipation of registration for summer and fall next week. Mostly it consisted of, “Pay attention to your required classes so you don’t screw yourself at the end of your schooling.” Straightforward enough.

One bit of news dismayed us night students, however. Because registration times are based on credit hours (the more you have, the earlier you register, so that third-years can get the classes they need), we first-year night students go last. After first-year day students, who have of course earned more hours. But the second half of Civil Procedure and the first half of Constitutional Law are only taught in the evening, and ambitious day students who want to get the first year requirements out of the way ASAP will have first crack at those classes.

In other words, we night students who have to struggle to get in all our hours may well end up shut out of the classes we need in order to stay on track for a 4-year program.

I was irate yesterday. But this morning, after another early-rising study session and fighting off a panic attack in the bathroom, a new perspective on the subject came to me. It wouldn’t kill me to have this summer off. This definitely clocks in as one of the most difficult years of my life, between the stresses of job changing, school, and a major injury from which I am still recovering. If I get shut out of classes, my law school career is not going to be over – it’s just going to be boring for one more semester as I finish the basics.

So instead of stewing about whether I’m getting in or not, I’m leaving it in the hands of the goddess, fate, karma, what-have-you. Getting in is optimal, but I can be happy with not.
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Trying to work on the Civil Procedure outline, getting massively confused. The instructor's method for presenting the class is laudibly interesting, given the general reaction I hear from attorneys when I mention Civ Pro (groans of "So boring, but important - try to learn something because I didn't and had to once I got out"), but she's been all over the book, and my notes reflect that, while I've been in class and faithfully taking them, I have NO big picture view. Very frustrating.

Time to shower, go to work. Spring Break is over, for all intents and purposes.


Mar. 13th, 2003 08:50 am
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I planned on only taking one class this summer, the second half of Civil Procedure. I figured I could use the break, and one 2-credit class would kind of let me cruise.

The summer schedule just came out. They are also offering the first half of Constitutional Law as a 2-credit class this summer. This is a much smarter schedule than they have ever managed to wrangle before, very efficient. Both are given on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’d only need to be at school two nights a week.

I really don’t want to take two classes this summer, but I would be a fool not to. The more I can get out of the way now, the better. I know this.

This semester has taken a lot out of me. I managed to get my Torts outline finished this morning, and will start on Contracts tonight, which should be pretty straightforward and hopefully caught up by tomorrow morning. Civ Pro Friday night/ Sat am, then Legal Writing and reading next week’s lessons Sunday morning/evening and Monday morning. It’s a lot, and I may put one of the outlines aside until next weekend if I am feeling pressed for time as concerns Legal Writing.

I could use a real break this summer. I’m not gonna get it.

PT redux

Mar. 7th, 2003 06:47 am
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Went in yesterday for the first PT session since the doc pronounced me healed. Man, do I have a lot of work to do. The therapist gave me some great exercises and instructions - lots of using the good arm to press the bad arm. And the session ended with this lovely piece of advice: "You're likely going to be hearing a lot of popping or snapping sounds, and sometimes they might really hurt. That's okay--it's only tissue fibers tearing away from the scar adhesions. That's a good thing."

Great. I'll go barf now. I have this seam in my shoulder from which I need to rip the threads, and it sounds a lot like that when one lets go - but the sensation is that same hot, sharp pain that you get when you turn your head wrong and your neck pops. This is a good thing. I must keep telling myself so.

On a high note, last night was the last day of class before Spring Break - a period that will be spent in the books, catching up on everything - so I let myself get talked into stoping and having a glass of wine at the little bar where the law students hang out. Good to just hang out with people and yak and laugh for half an hour. Mingled some, then sat with Mike and Scott and one of the librarians, whom they delight in embarrassing with their crude banter. Just mindless chatter and laughter, no discussion of classes or work. I left early despite protests, but it was nice to take a few minutes and unwind.
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Last night was the first prom I actually attended, despite not having a date. I gussied up in the black velvet dress, I did my hair and nails, I put on the black platform sandals (not the REALLY high ones - I wasn't up to that!), and I went.

I think that if I were not on a Student Bar Association Senator I would have let it slide, but I had obligated myself to helping out with the set-up. I know that if I had realized that only one other member of my class was going to show (and then sit isolated at a table for two with his girlfriend), I would have had a real problem with it. But I didn't know. And it was a good thing. I mingled and visited with an assortment of people and imposed myself on the table a passing acquaintance for dinner, where conversation was good and dinner was excellent. I struck up conversations with other lost-looking first years, chatted with professors and librarians, and generally managed to have a good time.

Then the dj cranked up the music and the dancing started.

You really realize that you are alone when conversation becomes difficult. I love to dance, but there was no one there for me to dance with, no gang of fellow 1L night students to hang with, and no real motivation for staying. After making a last pass through the crowd to make sure that I wasn't missing anybody, I left at 10.

All-in-all, worth it. And I'm glad I was able to decide to leave, instead of hanging around the open bar and hoping that someone would talk to me while getting too drunk to drive. I felt a little bit loser-ly, but not nearly as bad as I would have felt otherwise.

Early in the evening the SBA Vice President buttonholed me and urged me to run for one of the offices next year. (Before you roll your eyes TOO far into your head Jeff, understand that serving as an SBA officer earns a person a half-tuition stipend.) Matt said that it isn't much more work than what I'm doing now. I'm thinking about it.
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In the age of computer technology, it's very easy for law students to get way too reliant on the internet tools available to us for free while we are in school, only to suffer a severe reality backhand when we get into the real world and find that these tools are not only not free, in many cases they aren't even available. So our Legal Writing Professor gave us a research assignment that requires completion in the library, handling big dusty books and competing with each other for their use.

Lovely idea, but a pain in the ass. And triply so because I am temporarily handicapped, making the handling of those large, cumbersome books quite difficult. I therefore obtained permission to bring Jeff along to help me handle the books--requesting permission because he is an attorney and I wouldn't want to be accused of taking an unfair advantage. With the proviso that he was only to help me cart and carry, permission was granted.

Leading to me referring to him as my trained monkey assistant. Which is doubly funny when you realize how smart Jeff is.

All this has gone out the window, however, because Winter is administering yet another bitchslap to the U.S. Erin and her friend Nicole came home for the weekend and this morning I tried to put them on the bus back to school. Greyhound has given up for the day, and so did we. But the trip there and back in white-out conditions on unplowed roads convinced me that there will be no driving back down to spend the day in the library. I feel lucky to have made it home in one piece, between the drivers who are too timid to go over 15 and are therefore road hazards and the insane truckers who are still roaring along at 50. As it was, driving slowly and carefully I got to feel the adrenaline burn of recovering from that starting.... to..... slide feeling several times.

How the hell I'm gonna finish all this research by Thursday, I have no freakin' clue. But today is gonna be spent getting ahead on my other reading so I can stay after class and work during the week and not have to get up early.

For the rest of the semester Legal Writing is just ball-busting, large assignments every week. Our class is doing about 8 times as much as the other section, to which I frankly say, thank the maker. Even though it's a lot of work, I don't get the impression that the other section is learning that much (let's put it this way: the poor students are all glad they have that section, and the good students in that section are all regretting that they got stuck there). But one of my fellow students showed our syllabus to one of the attorneys where she works and his reaction was "I thought you were a first year student," because he thought it looked like the syllabus for an advanced course.

My mantra is, "This is good for me, this is good for me, this is good for me....."

Okay, gonna make coffee and get to work.

How the hell I'm gonna deal with all this snow is beyond me, though. Ferrett, one more marker for the "Most Inconvenient Leaving Town" award. More snow storms are supposed to be behind this one. Does the fun never end?
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Not a bad day at work yesterday. Got through without too much trouble.

Walking to my car after work was a trip. The temperature was dropping and the wind was blowing snow into my face so hard that I actually got an ice cream headache/brainfreeze, just walking the two blocks to the car. All I could do was laugh - it was incredibly bitter, but ridiculous. Got to school and decided to risk a parking ticket by parking too early on the street by the door, because I could not bear the four-block walk in the wind. Didn't get one.

In Torts we have just started on Intent--up until now we had done negligence. There was discussion of what kind fo touching constitutes assault. As we were settling in for Civil Procedure, a fellow student came up to me and jokingly swatted me, saying "Is this assault? Is this intent?"

Through my wincing I was able to gasp out, "Yes, when you hit me on my surgery scar!"

The sling apparently wasn't enough of a clue....

Sleeping with a heating pad is helping me sleep through better, which is both good and bad. Good because I'm more rested, bad because I am stiffer in the morning, having not moved as much in the night. It's a tradeoff I'm willing to accept.

Back to studying.
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The Barrister's Ball is the annual formal "do" for the law school. This year it is in the newly renovated Arcade, all gilt and fancy, downtown. I was going to wear my great, glittery new dress, but the scar and bruising issue may preclude and I may go with the black velvet and lace combo.

It appears, though, that I may be going alone. The ball is on March 1, and Ferrett will be in Connecticut. Hopefully [livejournal.com profile] neorxnawang will still be here, and I will be able to talk him into being my date (eye-batting in the general direction of...).

I never went to the prom in high school because I was such a pathetic loser. I hope that the Celestial Sense of Irony (a being embodied by the foot at the end of the "Monty Python's Flying Circus" opening credits) isn't going to continue my dateless trend.
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Gave up the daily reports because, frankly, even I was getting sick of the bitching.

Not doing all that well. Much pain, and even when you can objectively say, yes, but look how much more movement you have, look how much more flexibility (you can move your arm three whole inches, and use your left hand for typing and other small-movement chores), pain is still pain, and it's still wearing. I didn't fall copletely apart on Wednesday, which counts as an improvement, I guess.

I would take a day off this week, but for two things. First of all, Rosemarie is on vacation, so it would leave Crista all alone in the office and no one to cover phones when she was running errands. Secondly, I've used up more than half my sick leave right at the beginning of the year. This is not a Good Thing.

I am keeping my head above water as regards schoolwork, but barely. Back to my mantra - it WILL get better, it WILL get better....
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Felt much more effective at work yesterday, got a lot of stuff done, held up well, but then was exhausted at school. Had to come home and do homework anyway, since there is so much and I am so slow.

I am down to one Percoset. I need to get the doc to give me more. I tried sleeping without last night and tossed and turned until 1am, dozing briefly here and there. At one awoke in a lot of pain, took one Percoset (leaving a final one), and still had about half an hour until it kicked in. Had to get up at 4 anyway, so much work to do. If the doc won't give me more I don't know how I'm going to function - I have to start getting more sleep.

Have homework done for today, almost finished with first large project due tomorrow, still ahve tomorrow's reading to do. I need to get a lot more done on the weekends....
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Got through the day without a breakdown - no afternoon depression/paranoia. Made it all the way through on only two doses of Motrin, no pain meds.

Downside: brain still felt very slow, was sleepy from lack of comfortable rest, got through some stuff, but not nearly what I would have liked to accomplish, minor paranoia that if I am not Wonderwoman for a few weeks here they will all begin to hate me.

Living with one arm trapped against my chest is exhausting. Mangaged to drive without too much trouble, but handling heavy school bag (rolling, thank the heavens), schlepping stuff in and out of car, schlepping ME in and out of car, left me feeling exhausted and bruised by the time I got to school last night. Took additional Motrin at that point, but sling started getting to me--much fidgeting throughout class, trying to get comfy. Low success rate.

Adding one more class is like an exponential rise in the amount of homework that I have to do. Pacing will have to be adjusted, because even getting up at 4 this morning I have a lot to have done for Wednesday that I don't think I can do in 3 hours tomorrow morning. Means homework after school tonight - I'm not good at that.

All-in-all, it should feel like a triumph, but it's not up to my standards. Still, I din't do too badly.


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