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The face of the earth and I have not been close companions lately, to judge by the amount of time that has passed since last I scribbled here. Life has been very busy, mostly in a positive way, but busy nonetheless. I am finally finding friends and have enough social activities to have what feels like a full and happy life--and law school starts in two weeks, which means four years of cramming my life into a shoebox of time. I will still be working 50 hours a week, in addition to classes. But I know other people who have managed, so I am trying to keep my spirits up.

Tomorrow night I participate in my first group wiccan ritual. I have found two other women who are vastly more experienced than I but who were both suffering from the "There are no groups in Cleveland!!!" syndrome, and I have managed to put the three of us together. I'm very excited about it. We had dinner together Thursday night to hammer on the details. Even though I ended up staying up WAY too late, Friday was the first day I have felt refreshed i a long time.

We went to Connecticut while Amy was here for a family wedding and I got to go into NYC for the very first time. We took Amy to the Cloisters Museum, where the unicorn tapestries hang. I thought, "oh this will be cool." When I saw them, my skin tingled. Being in the presence of the tapestries was much closer to a religious experience than beig in the presence of the assorted statuary and relics there--that was nice, and the architctural spaces were wonderful, but the tapestries...

Of course, I had the joy of having a 10-year-old's perspective on them as well: "Why are they killing the unicorn? That's sick! I hate it in here, Mom, let's go somewhere else." Trying to explain the medeival point-of-view was pointless.
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Spring. Aahhahahaha! What was I thinking??!!!

Sleet. Inches thick in places. Old women driving 20mph. Slipping in the slush and that warm adrenaline feeling in the back of the arms when you recover traction and realize you aren't going to die this time after all.

I hate Pennsylvania.

I'm not totally strung out, but getting up for work tomorrow isn't sounding like something I'm ready to face, either.

Oh well. Next weekend's a PTQ that Ferrett promises to attend. That will leave me alone with no wheels. Enforced solitude is just what I need.


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